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If you are interested in earning extra income or even starting your own business and don't have the money or the space to maintain an inventory, you may be interested in the sales method known as "drop shipping". This sales method allows you to BEGIN YOUR OWN FRAGRANCE or SPICE BUSINESS without any cash outlay, without any inventory, and without any risk. Here's a brief introduction step by step of how our services can help you earn a substantial income right from the comfort of home!
After setting up an account with us and completing our drop-ship agreement, you post our products* on the online auctions, your E-Commerce website, or wherever you feel you may generate sales. You would determine the retail price of the product to receive a reasonable profit margin. As a business owner, you can receive additional discounts on our products with our wholesale program. *Please note that you will be responsible for abiding by your state & local laws for business licenses and sales tax requirements.
Once you receive notification of a sale, you simply collect your customers' funds for the retail price of that sale, being sure to have included all shipping and handling fees. You may choose to accept personal checks, money orders, credit cards, PayPal, or whichever payment method you would like when collecting payments from your customers. It's your business!
After you have taken the order from your customer, (and THE FULL retail payment (which you determine), including shipping costs), place the order with us online. Add your customer's address to your address book under "My Account" and choose this address to be shipped to. In the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order", indicate "DROP-SHIP ORDER" and enter in the Return Address to be used on the packing slip & outside of the package.
You can also e-mail, fax or mail in the drop-ship order to us. We accept Cash, Check, Money Order or PayPal for your purchases. Money orders or checks as payment will delay the shipment until it arrives at our office. All other forms of payment will be shipped as soon as they are processed. That's all there is to it! Your part of the transaction is complete. When placing your order, you will only be responsible to pay our price for an item (plus our calculated shipping costs). In turn, you have already charged your customer the retail price (which you determine) and collected payment. The difference between the two would be your total profit on the sale. All you have to do now is calculate your profits and balance your checkbook!
We will receive your drop-ship order into our database and begin to process it immediately and ship the order direct to your customer with your return address on the label (otherwise known as blind drop-shipping) for FREE. A packing slip with your company name will be included, but will only show item names. No prices will be shown.

Any labels on eligible products can have your company name on them (see Private Labels for more information). Be sure to include "DROP-SHIP" in the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" box during checkout. If private labels are not purchased, we will use our standard labels that have our name on them (this is very important if you wish to promote your business).

All pictures and descriptions can be copied directly from our website as long as you are an approved wholesale customer. This makes online posting even easier! At this time, we do not have our products, pricing & images available for download.

We try in every way possible to keep a generous stock of all products, however there may be times when we run out of stock on a particular item. You will be the first to know if an item is going to be on back-order. If this situation arises, we can usually have a shipment to us within a few days. You won't be waiting months or even years before you see a particular product return to stock. We don't carry an overabundance of merchandise simply to remain efficient and focused at what we do.

To sum things up, there are no hidden fees and our merchandise truly is priced for you to profit from. If you need assistance or have a special request, let us know. Because we are not setup as a large volume call center. Additionally, you can always reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email at Your email will be answered in a timely and efficient manner.
You retail the item at the retail price.
You sell the product to a customer.
You collect the payment from the customer.
You e-mail, mail or place the order online to us.
We ship the item directly to your customer.

Some products are available for drop-shipping, but private labeling is not available.
This drop-ship program is only available for shipments within the UNITED STATES (Continental US). We do not drop-ship INTERNATIONALLY.

Please review our Shipping & Returns policies for other important information.

Click Here to Download Drop-ship Agreement

We look forward to doing business with you. As always, we take great pride in serving your business needs for years to come.


A Customer

-  Is the Most Important person at Thistle Dew!
-  Is not dependent on Us,  We are dependent on them
-  Is not an interruption of work, They are the purpose of it
- Is part of our Business, Not an Outsider
-  Is not someone to argue or match wits with
-  Is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give them
-  Is the Lifeblood of Thistle Dew!

We take care of our customers, or someone else will.....


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