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These items have been phased out as of 2009. Send us an email to to see if we can help you before placing your order.

Great for Potpourri, trinkets, jewelery, traveling, herbs, mojo bages, prayer or spell work, runes, card sets, gift bags, glass pieces, cellphones, change purses and much, much more.

Elegant pink Flap Bag

$ 4.99 USD

This bag has a flap that folds over the front and is closed with a ribbon.

This particular bag has a scalloped front flap and is made out of sheer pink organza that has been embroidered. Very elegant and femine.

Satin Reversible Jewelry Bag

$ 9.99 USD

Very Elegant Reversible Satin and Sheer bag.

This particular bag has a sheer organza print outside with a blue satin liner, It has been sewn so that you can reverse it and allow the shimmer of the satin to be on the outside if you choose.

Blue Satin trims the top of the bag.

It is closed with a matching blue satin bow.


Top Tie Lace Bag

$ 2.99 USD

The lace on top of this bag can either be left up or folded down to hide the bow closure.

Bag shown here Blue taffata.


Country Blue Reversible Bag

$ 4.99 USD

This quaint bag is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. This reversible bag is topped with lace to cover the ribbon closure (included).

Top Ruffle Bag

$ 3.99 USD

These bags have a 2" cloth ruffle or lace at the top.

Meant to be tied at sew line and top is to be flared. Comes with matching ribbon closure.


Basic Bag

$ 2.99 USD

These bags have a double lined top and is meant to be tied at the sew line. Each comes with a tie cord.

Colors shown in cotton tie dye style:

Purple, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Hunter Green, Lizard Green, Multi-Sychodelic, Red, Dark Orange, Light Orange, Dark Yellow, Light Yellow


Large Round Celestial Bag

$ 19.99 USD

This bag is very large, 12", it has a round bottom and a draw-string ribbon closure. This particular bag shown is made out of Navy Blue stretch velvet. A Gold liner matchers the bow closure and trim on the outside. The sheer celestial stars and gold swirls seem to float above the deep blue velvet. 

Matching dream pillow available

Be sure to pick your fabric, decorative band and liner.


Top Draw String Bag

$ 2.99 USD

These basic bags have a channel on the top for a draw string ribbon (included).

Bags shown here:

Blue canvas, Multi-Sychodelic, and Jewled Blue


Beach Bag

$ 3.99 USD

This mesh bag is great for gathering seashells or keeping bath toys in.

Draw string has a clip for attatchment.
This particular bag is in aqua mesh.


Sea Shell Backpack

$ 39.99 USD

This round duffle bag has a drawstring closure with a flap for additional protection. Includes a small pocket on the inside. Navy blue shoulder straps.
Bag pictured is like the shell bag only with leaves on it.

Rustic Bag

$ 2.99 USD

This burlap bag is too thick for potpourri but is great for holding other items.

Mesh bag

$ 2.99 USD

This large mesh bag is great for washing delicates and holding bath toys.

Soap Sachet

$ 4.99 USD

Work up a great lather with this soap bag sachet. Put a whole bar in or left over pieces. No waste. Comes complete with a very long cord, great for washing your back or for hanging to dry.
This particular bag has a sea shell on it.


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