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The Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

Black tea, one of the six tea species, is the sort of fully fermented. It is renowned by its red liquid. Basic making procedures of black tea include withering, rolling, fermentation, and drying. Among them, fermentation is the most significant process of making black tea. It defines the quality of the tea. Meanwhile, plenty of healthy substances are produced during fermentation, which are important to the health benefit of black tea. Also fermentation is the reason why people who caring health loves black tea.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Talking about tea's health benefits, it is well-known all over the world. Every sort of tea has its own health benefits. They are healthy because of different reasons. Black tea, the one this article talk about, is beneficial due to its unique making process: fermentation. When speaking of the word fermentation, it specifically refers to black tea's fermentation. Yet other kinds of teas are also fermented in vary degrees during making, such as oolong tea, white tea, dark tea and yellow tea. Fermentation is the key process of making black tea. The chemical change of polyphenols produces the special aroma and color of black tea, as well as its health benefits.

Thearubigins - The Benefits of Fermentation

Fermentation is aiming to promote the oxidization of polyphenols, which will produce thearubigin and theaflavin. They are the key factors that form the color and flavor of black tea.

Thearubigin exists in black tea, is a kind of golden pigment produced in fermentation. Beside of adjusting the color of tea liquid, thearubigin has many health benefits. It can combine with cholesterol in stomach and intestines, and reduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food. Thus thearubigin is helpful for protecting your heart from hyperlipidemia and heart disease without any side-effect.

Lose Fat and Lower Triglyceride Content In Blood:

Thearubigin in black tea can reduce the absorbing of cholesterol in stomach and intestines; in the meantime it helps to restrain the synthesis of cholesterol. This efficacy is because of thearubigin's ability of weakening FAS (fatty acid synthetase). FAS is the primary enzyme of producing fat. That's also the reason why thearubigin can help reducing the amount of triglyceride in blood.

Protecting Heart:

Black tea contains higher amount of flavone than other kinds of teas. Flavone is able to protect heart and vessels. Being the power source of blood circulation, human's heart will beat at the average rate of 70 times per minute. Presume a man is 70 years old; then in the past 70 years, his heart should have beaten for over 2.6 billion times. Too much fat in blood will bring big pressure to the heart. The fat will stack on vessel wall. As a result, vessels will be blocked, causing cerebral infarction and poor blood flow. However, flavone can ease these uncomfortable feelings. So drinking black tea can protect your heart from cardiovascular disease.

More Benefits of Black Tea for Your Health

Protecting bones: polyphenols in black tea can restrain the active matters which harm bone cells. There are research findings that people who drink black teas regularly have stronger bones. To prevent osteoporosis, you can drink a cup of black tea every day, and keep as a habit for years. If you add lemon into black tea, you will have a better effect of protecting your bones. Black tea can be mixed with other fruit as well.

Protecting stomach and intestines: the enzymatic oxidization happens during fermentation will reduce the amount of polyphenols in black tea. Thus black tea becomes gentler, and will have red liquid and red leaves. Furthermore, as polyphenols may stimulate stomach, which acts stronger in an empty belly, black tea with lower polyphenol amount can help to protect your stomach. Black tea can be mixed with sugar and milk. Regular drinking of it can diminish inflammation in your stomach, and protect stomach lining, even help to cure gastric ulcer.

Different Theory Of Protecting Stomach From Pu-Erh Tea

We have introduced about Pu-erh's benefits of losing weight in the article Pu-erh Tea Weight Loss. We know that Pu-erh contains plenty of beneficial bacteria, which are produced in the process of Wo Dui. These beneficial bacteria are good for stomach and can help weight loss. Bunches of beneficial bacteria living in intestines will be good to your health. They could restrain the absorbing of cholesterol, reduce the synthesis of it, and protect your blood.

However, black tea works in a total different way. During the fermentation process of making black tea, the polyphenols in tea leaves will be enzymatic oxidized, and then produce therubigin and theaflavin. The TR and TF are beneficial substances, which are very helpful for your health.

A Good Habit of Drinking Tea

Take Warm Black Tea in Winter

The benefit of black tea for warming stomach is extraordinary. In cold winter days, it is better to drink warm teas with gentler taste. Take a cup of black tea. It will reduce the discomfort feelings in stomach.

On the other hand, green tea contains abundant polyphenols, which makes the liquid of green tea taste more brisk and refreshing. That's why green tea is better for summer drinking.

Drink proper amount

We suggest you to drink black tea with proper amount. But why shouldn't we drink as much as we can since black tea helps to warm up the stomach?

Tea lovers often encounter the situation of sleeplessness after drinking too much tea, which was called repercussion. It is because tea contains caffeine, causing nervous excitation. Though caffeine is helpful for refreshing your minds, it is better not to drink too much.

Another reason is that too much tea liquid will dilute gastric juice in your stomach, while the gastric juice can protect your stomach wall. Moreover, tea polyphenols is astringent. It may cause discomfort of stomach. Over-intake of tea polyphenols may even cause tea drunk. If you are drunk, allergy may happen, as well as sleeplessness, headache, trembling, or even heart rate disorder.

Dispel The Common Myth – Is Strong Tea A Perfect Hang-Over Cure?

The truth is the theophylline in strong tea will increase your blood pressure by vasoconstriction. Thus the headache may become more serious. But as we know, alcohol does lots of harms to liver, whereas tea polyphenol can protect your liver. Therefore, you'd better drink weak tea instead of strong tea to alleviate a hang-over.

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