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Clearance/Sale Items

These items have been phased out as of 2009. Send us an email to to see if we can help you before placing your order.

The following items will NOT be carried in the future, so get yours while supplies last. All items are at least 50% off.

Poo Pourris

A Poo pourri is decorative and functional. A tulle wrapped decorative floral etched glass saucer holds a practical roll of toilet paper. The tube has been filed with fragrant Potpourri, a necessity in any bathroom. Additional potpourri has been sprinkled around the base of the roll on the saucer offering a splash of color. Complete with bow, ready for gifting. 

To get yours click here: Poo Pourri

Potpourri Hangers

This is the easiest way to  keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

These plastic clothes hangers are filled with your favorite potpourri and covered in a delicate lace, allow the fragrance to fill your closet with joy.

To get yours click here: Hangers



Great for Potpourri, trinkets, jewelery, traveling, herbs, mojo bages, prayer or spell work, runes, card sets, gift bags, glass pieces, cellphones, change purses and much, much more.

To get yours click here: Bags


Drawer Sachets

These Sachets are perfect for laying in a dresser drawer. The casing is cloth and the scent buds are surrounded by Polyfil, so the oils will not leach out onto the wood and clothing. Can also be hung in a closet.

To get yours click here: Drawer Sachets


Scent Bud Sachets

These tiny Sachets are great to hang from a rear view mirror or under a seat.

Great for Cars, Trucks, Work Vehicles, RV's, Boats, Storage Sheds, Closets, Vacuums, Diaper Pails, Trash Cans, any place where you need to hang a little fresh scent.

To get yours click here: Scent Bud Sachets


Mini Sachets

These quaint 3"x3" Mini Sachets are great for hanging discretely all over your house.

Each comes with a 10" ribbon and a zig zag edge.

Great for; Wreaths, Closets, Bed post, Banisters, Door knobs, Under beds, Rear view mirrors in vehicles, Under vehicle seats, in trunks, RV's. Boats, Vacuum cleaners, Bathrooms, Hang on box fans, Where ever you need to spice up the air.

 To get yours click here: Mini Sachets

Shell Bag

This mesh bag will come in handy at the shore and other place, perfect for collecting seashells and other natural pieces.
In Aqua Blue with a white cord drawstring and a plastic clip for securing.

To get yours click here: Seashore


Assorted pillow for the entire family, Bugs, Fish, Ballerinas, Kitties, Dream, Tooth, etc. All are poly filled or foam form. 

To get yours click here: Pillows

Book Markers

Thistle Dew's Pressed Floral Book Markers range in size, style and color.

At this price, buy one for every book in your library.

To get yours click here: Book Markers


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