Thistle Dew!

For Corporate Promotions

Gift Trees are a great way to promote your company and services to your customers and the community. When you choose Gift Trees, you're showcasing your respect for the Earth, your commitment to the environment and your action for a greener, more tree-filled tomorrow.

Gift Trees really make an impact. You can also customize the label with your own logo and message ($50 per order, repeat customers $25 after initial set up) to make a lasting impression.

These trees are ideal for:

  • Your company's special promotions
  • Customer appreciation
  • New accounts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Grand openings
  • Your company's Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrations
  • …any and all occasions

Gift Trees are hardy evergreen seedlings that grow abundantly around the country, look great for your presentations, and hold up well during shipping. You have a choice of spruce or pine varieties based on what will grow best in your area.


Our premier product offering. Each Gift Tree comes in a poly tube with label and planting instructions.


Individually Mailed Tubed

A great option for a new product, incentive, program announcements or holiday greetings. We’ll mail a premier tubed tree to everyone on your address list.

Every tree comes in its own clear recyclable plastic tube complete with planting and care instructions. These vibrant evergreen trees are guaranteed to grow, and you can add a customized message or company logo to the label to commemorate your event.

  • Include a famous quote or saying
  • Thank your customers, guests, family, or friends
  • Include a corporate logo or a family crest
  • Promote your business

Corporate Ideas

Most companies include a logo - either in color or black and white.

You can give trees to customers to say We're glad to have your business.

You can give them away at a grand opening with the message, We're growing!

Many companies give trees to vendors with a message that speaks to their responsibility to the earth.

Many companies give trees at Arbor Day and Earth Day with their logos and a simple message: Celebrate the Earth.

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