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Drying Herbs
 A step by step process to drying herbs.

1) Growing organic herbs

3) Harvesting the herbs in the morning when the oils are most potent
5) Using diffrent ways to bundle smaller herbs
7) Beginning to wilt
9) Or try Oven Drying
11) Single layer screen drying
13) Screen drying flowers for tea or potpourri
15) Make sure that lots of air can get up and around each leaf
17) Jar and store in a cool dark place

2) Labeling the herbs so you know what they are when you harvest

4) Bundling the freshly cut herbs and tying stalks together
6) Hanging the herbs in a clean draft free area
8) Dry and ready to place into storage containers
10) or Outside screen drying
12) Make sure they don't touch or they will turn brown
14) Machine drying in a dehumidifier
16) Rosemary is done
20) Be sure to label your herbs

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