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Flowering Teas
Not all Flowering Teas are available all times

1 Flowering Tea Ball Starts at $5.00

Please call the Gatlinburg TN store 865-277-9063 for availablility

To brew, place one flowering tea ball in a teapot, and add boiling water. Infuse until the ball is fully open (about 5 minutes). Be sure to use a strainer when pouring into your cup!

Longing Heart Green Tea

$ 8.00 USD

This flowering tea comes to us from the Anhui Province in China. Legend has it that Longing Heart was created by an old Anhui Tea Master in an effort to soothe his yearning heart when making the long trek to the markets of Beijing. With fresh, young shoots of the finest bushes of the Huang Shan district, the Tea Master tied them with chrysanthemum petals.

Longing Heart is one of China's finest flowering teas. With luxury green tea, amaranth, and jasmine, this tea delivers a wonderful cup that's sure to please your eyes as well as your taste buds!

1000 Day Flowering Green Tea

$ 8.00 USD

With luxury green tea and amaranth blossoms, 1000 Day Flower flowering tea is believed to have been inspired by a specific monkey. In ancient China, peaches were considered to be a symbol of long life, and were commonly given as birthday gifts. The ancient Chinese fairy tale surrounding the creation of this flowering tea tells the story of the Empress of Heaven, who ordered the King of the Monkeys to guard her precious peach orchard while she prepared for her 60th birthday party. The Monkey King, however, plucked and ate the ripest peaches, and left only the small, unripened fruit for the Empress's party.

The Empress was so furious, that she stripped the Monkey King of his royal title, and had him locked away in a cave. Luckily for the monkey, a monk named Tangshen saved him, and showed him how to tie fresh green tea leaves with an amaranth blossom into the shape of a peach.

The monkey tied 1000 tea balls and presented them to the Empress. So impressed with the flowering teas, she reinstated him as King, and from that year forward, served the tea at her birthdays, instead of peaches, as a new symbol of longevity.

The cup delivers a subtle floral character, lightly toasty grassiness, and a hint of caramel.

Flower Symphony White Tea

$ 8.00 USD

The texture, floral notes, and color found in this beautiful flowering tea are inspired by American painter James McNiell Whistler. His works Symphony in White No. 1, Symphony in White No. 2, and Symphony in White No. 3 depict portraits of women dressed in flowing white gowns, and posing in rooms filled with beautifully decorated fabrics and flowers.

Where Whistler worked in light and color, the artisans who create these teas work towards flavor and color. With luxury white tea, hibiscus, and lavender blossoms, the cup is spectacular - watch closely as the flowers open, the hibiscus petals appear to bleed and paint the water. With honey notes, white tea sweetness, hints of citrus, and lilting floral undertones, this flowering tea is truly a masterpiece

Allegra Jasmine Burst Green Tea

$ 8.00 USD

Allegra Jasmine Burst was created as a tribute to the great cultural awakening of the Song Dynasty in China. It is believed that jasmine tea was first introduced during the great cultural flowering of the Song Dynasty. One man, perhaps while sitting under a sweetly smelling jasmine tree, came up with the idea of scenting tea with the blossoms.

Artfully hand-tied inside a shell of fresh white tips, each flowering tea opens to reveal fresh, beautiful jasmine blossoms. The casing represents the potential of the Chinese people during the Song Dynasty, while the blossoms represent the cultural power unlocked during the Dynasty.

Allegra Jasmine Burst delivers an intensely delicate infusion that fills the mouth with a bright jasmine character, and pale, grassy notes with a hint of sweet light honey. This cup of China's finest makes a wonderful sipping tea.

3 Flower Burst Green Tea

$ 8.00 USD

This beautiful flowering tea comes from the Yunnan Province in China. Ideal for growing flowers, Yunnan's geographical location sits directly below the Tropic of Cancer, giving the region tons of direct sunlight, and the perfect amount of rainfall.

This tea mimics the lush Yunnan countryside as it unfolds from brewing. It contains lily, osmanthus, and jasmine blooms, and is tied together with steamed full leaves of Yunnan green tea. This tea delivers a bright cup with a full green taste and overtones of peach, and undertones of lily and jasmine.

Volvano Flower Burst Green Tea

$ 8.00 USD

Volcano Flower Burst is named for the Tengchong volcano in the Yunnan Province of China. The volcano last erupted in 1609 during the Ming Dynasty, and those living there at the time believed that the volcano was responsible for several mysterious occurrences; such as an emperor who ruled for 48 years (the longest in Chinese history), and the famous Wanli Shipwreck that scattered pottery all over the bottom of the ocean.

It is believed that an artisan who lived near the volcano tried to appease the universal forces responsible for it. He chose blooms of amaranth, hibiscus, and lavender, believing their roots in the volcanic soil would lend power to his creation. Concealing the flower in a tea shell represented his hope that the volcano's lava would stay trapped in the mountain. The volcano has not erupted since.

This flowering tea delivers a cup that is clean and wonderful with grassy highlights, floral notes, and and hints of lemon.

Tiffany Rose Melody Green Tea

$ 8.00 USD

This beautiful flowering tea is named for the breathtaking work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the American artist who is known for his rose glass lamps.

Legend has it that around the turn of the century, an American tea trader visiting China brought with him a Tiffany Lamp as a gift for the owner of the tea plantation he was visiting. When a passing artisan saw the lamp sitting in the plantation owner's window, he was inspired by its color and beauty. Deciding to make a beautiful work of art of his own, he took a handful of the finest leaves he could find, and a few fresh rose buds from bushes growing alongside his house. The shape he created was meant to mimic the shape of the lamp with a base supporting a delicate flower.

While this tea is made with amaranth and marigold blossoms, when brewed, the liquor from this flowering tea delivers the aroma of freshly cut roses. The cup yields notes of rose and hints of grassy green tea.

Mystere Oolong Tea

$ 8.00 USD

This beautiful flowering tea contains blooms of amaranth and nasturtium waiting to be discovered by a tea lover. The cup is intricate and colorful, with hints of peach and rose flavor. The finish delivers a pleasing astringency that lingers in the mouth like a fine wine.

This tea was named for a pair of 2000 year old mysterious mummies found along the ancient Silk Road. The mummies were dated back to the Han dynasty, and were dressed in brightly colored silk fabric. The mystery lies in the fact that the mummies were western Caucasians - Caucasians weren't thought to have reached China until after the Han dynasty. Written history offers no explanation for the mummies existence.

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