Thistle Dew!

What if my Gift Trees aren’t in good condition when I get them?

We do everything we can to assure that our Gift Trees arrive as perfect specimens. Sometimes weather, shipping and other conditions cause problems, though.

If you receive trees that aren’t in good condition, please call member services at 865-361-9459. They will help to arrange a replacement as well as the return of the original trees.

  • Is there a guarantee on Gift Trees?

    Thistle Dew! guarantees Gift Trees for up to one year from the shipment date. Provided you have a green thumb and the tree died from natural causes and not neglect. If your tree doesn’t grow, please call member services at 865-361-9459 with your member number or original order number.

  • What if I get the wrong species?

    If you ordered Noble Fir and we sent you Colorado Blue Spruce, we apologize! Please call member services at 865-361-9459, and we’ll make it right.

  • How long will Gift Trees last in the tube?

    Gift Tree packaging is designed to protect the tree from shipment right up to the time the tree is planted. They will last several days in the tube if refrigerated. With regular watering, that could be extended to a few months.

    However, we recommend that you remove your Gift Tree from the tube and plant it according to the included instructions as soon as possible. Planting your Gift Tree in a 1-gallon pot indoors until spring or fall planting season is a good temporary solution.

  • Where are Gift Trees grown?

    While we do partner with reputable growers around the country to help us provide trees to all our customers rear-round, it’s most likely that the Gift Trees you receive were grown at the farm of Thistle Dew! In North East Tennessee

  • Are Gift Trees tax-deductible?

    Sorry, Gift Tree purchases are not tax deductible because goods of similar value were received in exchange for the purchase price.

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