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 Iced Tea

Speaking of tea, the first image you may have is the hot steaming liquid. Then who would like to have a cup of hot tea in such a hot summer? Although people know that drinking tea in hot summer days can cool them down and add some nutrients which lost by sweat, not so many people can stand that heat in hot days, especially for those who don’t get the habit of drinking tea or those young people.

Then is there any way to make tea gotten popular among the youth in hot summer days? Absolutely there is one - the iced tea.

In hot summer, you will cool down immediately after you drink the cold tea taken out from a refrigerator. And considering the health, iced tea will protect the cellular structures of tea leaves from high water temperature, thus the healthy substances in it can be remained.

Take Your Time to Brew Iced Tea

Nowadays more and more people like to drink iced teas. These habits related to the theory that we should live our life slowly. Aroma and flavor of iced tea comes out very slowly, means that when we are waiting the tea, we should slow down our pace and ease both our body and soul.

Besides enjoying the cool it brings, we have to remember that iced tea has a higher request on the quality of teas. Not all teas can be brewed in cold water. To brew teas in cold water, it will be better to use fresh teas, and then we can enjoy the mellow of tea better.

And the lighter the tea was fermented, the less bitterness you will taste in the liquid. Green Tea, light-fermented oolong, Silver Needle White Tea and White Peony are suitable for cold-brewing while black teas, roasted Tie Guan Yin and Pu-erh is so not good for cold brewing. They will become bitter with no fragrance.

If you want to have a cup of iced Dragon Well Green Tea, it is recommended to brew for 20-30 minutes in cold water. Mineral water is the best choice for cold brewing. Cooled hot water is not as good as mineral water but still can be used for brewing.

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