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Potpourri Sample packs

These items have been phased out as of 2009. Send us an email to to see if we can help you before placing your order.

These 1-scoop bags of Potpourri are great for small areas, or if you can't deside which great scent you like best. 

Sachets take 2 scoops, get you potpourri for your sachets cheeper here.

Love your potpourri buy it in a 4-scoop bag here.

Apple Cider - 1 scoop bag

$ 1.99 USD

The great scent of autumn apple cider.

Honeysuckle Happiness - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

The sweet smell of Honeysuckle reminds you of a stroll down a country lane.

Jasmine & Sweetpea Supreme - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

This is a great blend of greens and yellows, The calming scent of jasmine is partnered with the sweetness of sweetpea.

Lavender Meadow - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

A blend of purples this potpourri is very calming


Mulberry Madness - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

This potpourri has greens and reds and a very berry sweet scent

Potpourri Sampler - 13) 1-scoop bags

$ 24.99 USD

Get a potpourri for every month. Get a set for changing throughout your house. Or as a gift. A different scent for every room.


American Sweetheart - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

A beautiful blend of pinks and reds with the sweet smell of roses

Tropical Citrus - 1 scoop bag

$ 1.99 USD

The sweet fruity smell of the tropics, mangos, pineapples, and apricots.

Freesia Fantasy - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

A blend of pinks and purples, with the sweet floral scent of Freesia

Hawaiian Breeze - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

Sweet and fruit, this blend of yellows and oranges brighten any bowl


Coconut - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

The mild smell of Coconut lingers over this natural blend of potpourri

Ocean Sea Breeze - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

The fresh scent of the ocean complete with seashells, looks great in a dish.

Wilderness Trail - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

All natural pine, pine cones, oak moss, rose hips and the fresh outdoor scent of pine.

Pumpkin Spice - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

Great for fall around Thanksgiving. The brownish tones blend will with the pumpkin pie and nutmeg scent

Rose Garden Dreams - 1 Scoop Bag

$ 1.99 USD

Blends of pinks and reds hold the great smell of roses, like an English Rose Garden

Country Cotton - 1 Scoop Bag

No Image Available

$ 1.99 USD

The pale shades of blue give off a fresh clean scent of sun heated laundry

Cinnamon - 1 Scoop Bag

No Image Available

$ 1.99 USD

The spicey scent of cinnamon is great for fall or over winter

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