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Good Ideas for the Proper Storage of Tea

The very best way to store your dried teas is to keep them in an opaque container, making sure your container is food safe and does not have any impurities already in the container (wash and dry it very well before placing your dried tea leaves inside the container for storage). The best containers for storing tea are glazed ceramics, non-reactive metals and plastic containers which will not absorb smells or flavors. Do not store your teas in wooden containers or plastic sandwich bags as these will degrade the quality of the tea as well.

Make sure that you have a tight seal on your tea storage container as well to keep the light, air, heat, odors and moisture out of your tea leaves. Good options for this include a double lid, odor-free silicone sealed lids, and multi-ply bags with “reusable zippers” that some companies, including Teavivre, use to package their tea. If you purchase tea from a vendor that doesn't use adequate packaging for their teas, resist the urge to continue using that packaging and transfer your tea into a proper tea storage container.

Also it is a good idea to purchase teas in quantities that you know that you will drink quickly within a few years. Unless it is a properly stored and aged Pu-erh or aged Oolong, most other teas will go stale within 1-2 years after purchasing. Don't hold onto your old teas unless they are a properly stored aged Pu-erh or Oolong because all other teas will degrade over time. Obviously the better you store your teas, and the more you follow the guidelines laid out in this article, the longer your stored teas will last and remain fresh.

Remember to store your teas in a place away from light and any strong odors, in a dark cabinet or completely opaque container, and keep your delicate scented and floral teas stored separately from your more strongly scented or flavored teas so that the lighter teas do not absorb any of the flavor or aroma of the stronger teas, and above all, keep your teas away from humidity. Vacuum sealing your teas is also another wonderful choice for storing them as long as it is in an opaque multi-ply bag.

Following the guidelines in this article will help you to increase the life and quality of your teas, and preserve them for the best flavor, aroma and appearance as well as preserving their health benefits and homeopathic qualities.

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