Thistle Dew!

Recycle your Gift Tree tube into a birdfeeder!

Gift Tree birdfeeder

Tools needed:

  • Hole punch
  • Dowel or stick about 6" long
  • Twine or shoe lace about 20" long

Punch 2 holes across from each other at one end of the tube. Slide the dowel in (affix with tape or glue if necessary) so that it extends equally on both sides of the tube. Place the solid black cap at this end.

Slightly above these 2 holes, punch another 2 holes; overlap a few punches so that these holes are slightly bigger. These will be for the release of the birdseed.

Punch 2 holes at the opposite end of the tube. Insert the twine and tie securely. After filling your birdfeeder with seed, affix the punched black cap.

Hang your new birdfeeder outside a favorite window, and enjoy!

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