Thistle Dew!

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Wedding Favors that Last a Lifetime

Help your wedding memories live on for years to come with Gift Trees. These unique and thoughtful wedding favors will be a special reminder of your big day—one that keeps the world greener.

A Versatile Option

  • You can customize the label with your own message, graphic or photo.
  • Gift Trees can be shipped year round and planted indoors until planting season.
  • Guests can carry them on when they fly home.

Beautiful Wedding Displays

Every tree comes in its own clear recyclable plastic tube complete with planting and care instructions. These vibrant evergreen trees are guaranteed to grow, and you can add a customized message or company logo to the label to commemorate your event.

  • Include a famous quote or saying
  • Thank your customers, guests, family, or friends
  • Include a corporate logo or a family crest
  • Promote your business
  • Include a celebratory message

Wedding examples

*Be graceful in the wind.
Grow strong in the sun.
Stay deeply rooted in love.

*May the roots of our marriage be strong and the branches forever green.

*Be mindful of the little things that grow and bloom.

*The planting of a tree shows faith in the future.
~Lucy Van Pelt, Peanuts comic strip, 3/3/63

*Love is a sheltering tree.

*He who plants a tree, plants hope.
~Lucy Larcom

*To all the branches on our tree of life
Thank you

*As steadfast as the gentle pine, may our lives together be.

*May our love root into the earth and grow always toward heaven.

How does shipping work if I’m traveling to my wedding site?

We can ship your Gift Trees directly to your wedding venue for no additional charge. With a little advance notice, most hotels and reception halls will store your Gift Trees in the cooler until you ask for them. This way, your Gift Tree favors are one less detail to worry about.

  • Can I (or my guests) bring Gift Trees on a flight?

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) states that Gift Trees pose no problem when carried on board domestic flights. We recommend, though, that travelers pack them in their checked luggage when traveling to California, Arizona, Hawaii or Alaska. These states have more restrictive live plant regulations.

  • 1 Bare Root Tree

    $ 9.00 USD

    This is a 6"-12" bare root tree shipped in a cardboard tube.

    For bulk orders, tree availability and pricing, please contact our nursery at 865-361-9459, leave a message, we are in the fields.

    Tree in a Tube

    $ 10.00 USD

    This is 1 tree shipped in a clear presentation tube. Tree will be 6"-12" long and ready for planting.

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