Thistle Dew! Farms, Teas 'n Bees

 Culinary Herbs

These items are being phased out, please send an email on availability to

This page has been broken down into 3 small pages, due to the vast number of herbs available.

All Teas and spices are shipped in a resealable bag unless a beautiful glass jar is purchased for $2.00. 

We have gone from weighing out each herb in ounces to the generic $3.00 bag. If the herb is more expensive the herb is packaged in a small 1x2" bag. If it is a cheaper herb then it is packaged in a standard 3x4" bag.

Some more exotic spices are harder to find, call the store for availability 865-277-9063

Some of these products have been packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.

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