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Home Parties and Craft Shows


Thistle Dew! offers a fun and interactive way to enjoy our products.

Host a Thistle Dew! Home Party and:

Make Money     -     Meet People     -     Save on Thistle Dew! art

Play Games     -     Win Prizes     -     Have Fun!

Save on shipping expenses (if applicable) when you place your order with everyone at your party

Whether you just enjoy Thistle Dew's products or you would like to make a little extra spending money or a business where you control your own future, there has never been a better time to sign up for a party than now.


NO CONTRACTS - After doing research on other home party businesses, we noticed that they all have 3 things in common:

1) You MUST sell a certain quantity every month in order to be considered a representative.

At Thistle Dew!, there is no quota or minimum. Sometimes, life pulls you in a different direction and we understand that.

2) They only offer 10% no matter how hard you work.

Thistle Dew feels that if you are willing to work hard, that you should be rewarded.

3) No up-front expense, Other home party businesses require a kit purchase, I have seen as high as $1500.00.

At Thistle Dew, If you do not want the piece, simply return it, undamaged, for a full refund.


Thistle Dew! offers several party packages:

Package 1 - You host the party by welcoming friends and family into your home. (expense to you - the cost of snacks)

A Thistle Dew representative will provide the products, knowledge, games and prizes. (if one is in your area).

You receive a FREE GIFT plus a discount of 10% off of your personal order. (First Party)

Package 2 -  If you host a second Party, You will receive a FREE GIFT plus 20% off of your order, or:

Take 15% of your total parties order - off of your personal order. (you must purchase more than the amount discounted or you forfeit the remaining amount)    - For example - you sell $1000.00 worth of Thistle Dew products at your party. You will receive $150.00 toward your purchase. If you only want an item that cost $99.99 you will forfeit the remaining $50.01 minus shipping.

Package 3 - Have a book party. You will be given a computer code. When you place an order with Thistle Dew, give them your Representative Code and your discount is automatically calculated on your orders. This is a great way to sell to your friends at work.

Package 4 - Become a Thistle Dew Representative and EARN MONEY!

Receive your host Kit. This kit will include products and supplies, ordering and game instructions.

Receive 10% of the total order (before shipping) in CASH (well in a check). This is a great way to earn a little extra cash or make it your full time job. What better job could you ask for, Get paid to Party!

Receive gifts and credits for hitting Sale Goals, Hosting a Party, and Booking additional Parties.

***Become a Thistle Dew! Representative at Craft Shows, Schools, Churches, Fire Companies, etc.. This is a great way for you, a Thistle Dew Representative to get involved in the community, get out for a day and make some money to boot. Here is how it works, You become a Representative of Thistle Dew, a simple application. Then you purchase a Show kit at wholesale prices: Kit includes, Herbs, Teas, Spices, Spice blends, Potpourri, containers, scoops, table cloths and skirts, tables if necessary, bags, sachets, Mini Sachets, Catnip Sachets, other Thistle Dew products along with their display containers and all packaging equipment: cellophane bags, paper bags, ribbons, potpourri tags, inventory list & office paperwork.

 You then inform Thistle Dew what area code you live in, and any craft shows in your area. We will research for shows within 25, 50, 100 or 200 miles from your zip code. You let us know what shows you want to work. We will even pay the up front cost of reserving a spot for you and your tables. You simply greet and sell Thistle Dew products, the more you sell the more money you will make. Thistle Dew will pay you 20% of the proceeds. You can also use this kit to have parties. Some shows are multiple days. You may need to work at home a couple of hours before a show, organizing and stocking your inventory, set up for the show, the show, packing up after the show and sending the inventory list and monies back to Thistle Dew. A check will then be reissued to you. If for any reason this package is not for you, simply return the products in sell-able condition and you will be reimbursed for them minus 25%. We only ask that you communicate with Thistle Dew and that you book at least 1 show ever three weeks.

There are 2 kits currently available: Executive Business Kit-which includes everything you need to set up for a show and start becoming a Thistle Dew Associate. And the Quick Start Business Kit-which includes everything you need to take orders and host Home parties.

** We are accepting applications for this program, Be a pioneer for Thistle Dew!

Package 5-Host an E-party: Register to hold an E-party, set a deadline and invite your friends and family to view the website.  You will then be issued an E-Party Code. Your friends will receive an e-vite invitation and then they simply visit the website, make their purchase and use your E-Party Code to give you credit. For every $200 your guest spend you qualify for an online Party Host Gift plus 10% of your total sales toward your purchase of Thistle Dew Products.

Package 6-Fund-raising: Is your local school, church, fire company or other organization trying to raise money? Thistle Dew can help. Apply for a fund-raising kit today. You will receive up to 20% of the profits, Fast Shipping, Participants Packets, Paperwork, Catalogs, Order Forms, Collection Envelopes, Detailed Instructions and Incentives. There is no minimum order and you will receive your products in a timely manner. Products can be shipped by order for easy distribution, not as one lump order, which could lead to confusion.

Package 7- Networking: Networking is by far the easiest way to make money. You become a representative. Then once you hit $300.00 you will begin to receive 20% of your sales. Then once you become established start recruiting co-workers, friends and family members to do the same. Once they come on board they will receive 10% of their sales and you will receive 10% of their sales. So if you have 5 people working in your network then you receive 5x10% of their sales. All you need to do is consolidate everyone's orders, Place the orders with Thistle Dew! and then once the order arrives, you re-distribute the products to your friends. Who then gives them to their customers. Simple and you get a cut.

So what are you waiting for why not make some money today!

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