Thistle Dew!

Love trees so much that you want to share?

Whether you are trying to raise money for your school, church, fire hall, book club, garden club, pet surgery, a birthday, a house warming, a job promotion, a wedding, a graduation, a death, a birth or any celebration, planting a tree is a great way to mark the mile stone.

There are several different ways to go about doing this.

A) You and your organization can purchase tree saplings out right and re-sell them

B) You can pre-order and then distribute them

C) You can purchase a card and we will plant your trees for you. This is a great option, you purchase a card package and we will plant your trees in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park or another National Forest and acquire the GPS coordinates. These are then placed in a card and sent to the card recipient. You have to do nothing.

Wedding Favors

Fund Raisers

Corporate Promotions



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