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Earl Grey Tea

All Teas are shipped in a re-sealable foil 1 ounce/12-15 cup bag. A Beautiful glass jar is available for $2.00, the jar holds 2 ounces or 2 packets of tea.  The Tilt Jar includes a description and preparation label, and is topped with a metal screw cap lid.

We carry several premium loose leaf Earl Grey teas. Earl Grey tea is the most popular tea blend in the western world. Its distinctive flavor is derived from the addition of oil of bergamot, a highly aromatic oil made from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus bergamia, a small tree, predominately found in southern Italy. The unique flavor of Earl Grey tea is, therefore, somewhat citrus-like, which lends itself well to other additional flavors.

Baroness Grey

$ 7.00 USD

Over the centuries, many women have held the title of Baroness Grey, but this tea was blended in honor of one woman in particular. British legend has it that this Baroness of Grey, who lived sometime in the 16th or 17th century, was married to a man who was a ship's captain in the Royal Navy. As the story goes, the ship never returned from a trading voyage to China. Refusing to believe that her husband would never return, the Baroness would walk to the port lands every morning to greet each ship in hope for news of her husband. Sadly, she continued this practice until the day she died.

In honor of the loyal Baroness, Baroness Grey Tea was blended with the traditional bergamot oil and the addition of rose and cornflower petals to represent the love she had for her husband, and orange peels and lime leaves to represent the bitter tears she shed over her beloved. The citrus peels included in this blend add a lovely tartness to the existing citrus flavor of the bergamot, making it a fantastic alternative to traditional Earl Grey. Use one teaspoon per cup and steep in freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes.


Decaffeinated Earl Grey

$ 8.00 USD

Our Decaffeinated Earl Grey starts out with an excellent decaffeinated Ceylon to which the natural oil of bergamot is added, giving it the classic Earl Grey flavor. This is a nice medium-bodied tea that has a nice aroma. A very popular decaf that is naturally decaffeinated with CO2. Use one teaspoon per cup and steep 3 minutes in freshly boiled water.

Our decaffeinated teas are naturally decaffeinated using a process that removes caffeine without using chemicals of any sort. The freshly plucked tea leaves are briefly soaked in water and gently flushed with carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 binds to the caffeine molecules and extracts them from the tea, leaving behind all the natural proteins that give tea its flavor. It also leaves many of the polyphenols and antioxidants intact, so it's still good for you.


Earl Grey Cream

$ 7.00 USD

This blend combines the finest black tea along with Earl Grey's signature bergamot flavor. It also boasts a smooth creaminess with vanilla overtones for a special experience in tea flavor. Use 1 tsp. of leaves per cup and brew 3-5 minutes in freshly boiled water.


Earl Grey Jasmine

$ 7.00 USD

A soothing blend of two of the most fragrant teas, Earl Grey Jasmine combines black tea scented with oil of bergamot and green tea scented with jasmine. A nice "in between" strength makes this a perfect afternoon tea. The aroma alone will relax even the busiest executive or most harried mom. Use 1 tsp. per cup and steep 2 minutes in steaming water.


Earl Grey

$ 7.00 USD

Earl Grey Tea is the most popular tea blend in the western world. Its distinctive flavor is derived from the addition of oil of bergamot, a highly aromatic oil made from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus bergamia, a citrus fruit typical of Southeast Asia and grown commercially in Italy. The tea is named after the second Earl Grey, who was the British Prime Minister in the early 1830s. He reputedly received tea flavored with bergamot oil as a diplomatic gift.

The flavor of an Earl Grey tea depends on the quality and quantity of the oil used and the quality of the tea leaves. Our Earl Grey tea has a nice even flavor, good aroma, and is made from fine quality bergamot and China black teas. Use one teaspoon per cup and steep 3-5 minutes in freshly boiled water.


Green Earl Grey

$ 7.00 USD

Our new Green Earl Grey is gunpowder green tea with oil of Bergamot, the classic Earl Grey flavor. We much prefer this blend to our old one. Slightly sweet and quite smooth. Good hot or for iced tea. Use 1 tsp per cup and steep 1.5-2 minutes in near boiling water.


Rose & Lavender Earl Grey

$ 7.00 USD

Rose and Lavender Earl Grey Tea is like having an English garden in your cup! Years ago we had a tea similar to this, but our supplier vanished. We finally decided to re-create this lovely blend ourselves. Our Earl Grey tea blends the familiar taste of earl grey with the flowery essence of both roses and lavender. A truly delightful flavor! Use one teaspoon per cup, steep in freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes, and enjoy.


Russian Earl Grey

$ 7.00 USD

Tea has been consumed in Russia for centuries. The drink was first introduced to the country during the Tsarist era in 1618. The Chinese ambassador to Moscow at the time presented Tsar Michael Fedorovich with several chests of tea as a gift. Although the Tsar accepted the gift with legendary Russian grace, the tea was not very well received at first. The Tsar and the people of his court were accustomed to drinking warm fruit and herbal beverages, therefore finding the new beverage slightly bitter. According to Russian folklore, it was one of Tsar Michael's chefs who came up with the idea of adding fruit and spice to the tea in order to enhance its flavor. Various blends were experimented with using combinations of ginger, salt, orange peel, rice, onions, and various herbs and spices. The most popular of these blends, however, were the more heavily sweetened versions based on citrus fruit. As years wore on, tea consumed in this fashion spread throughout Russia, and samovars, a unique and traditional Russian teapot, became ubiquitous throughout the continent. To this day, Russians are among the highest per capita tea drinkers in the world and enjoy the drink at all times of the day.

Our Russian Earl Grey was created in honor of Tsar Michael and in keeping with the Russian tradition, orange peel and lemongrass were added to the tart character of bergamot (the citrus fruit used to flavor all Earl Greys) creating an unquestionable citrus flavor! Enhanced with cornflower petals. Add a splash of milk to really bring out the citrus overtones of the blend - or add some sugar to sweeten it up Russian style! Use one teaspoon per cup and steep 3 minutes in freshly boiled water.


Smoky Earl Grey

$ 7.00 USD

Smoky Earl Grey is a black tea blend of Earl Grey with a touch of Lapsang Souchong, a tea cured in pine wood smoke. An interesting flavor combination, a similar blend is reputed to be a favorite tea of Sarah, Duchess of York. Use 1 tsp. per cup and steep 3-5 minutes in freshly boiled water.


White Tip Earl Grey

$ 7.50 USD

This new blend of White Tip Earl Grey contains even more white Yinzhen tips or buds, also known as Silver Needles. More fragrant than our previous blend, only the best oil of bergamot is used. This tea has an incredible aroma, which is matched only by its elegant flavor. Use one heaping teaspoon of leaves per cup, add boiling water, and steep for 3 minutes.


Winter White Earl Grey

$ 7.50 USD

Winter White Earl Grey combines Chinese Mutan white tea with the traditional Earl Grey flavoring, oil of bergamot. A lovely lighter Earl Grey, great for evenings. Use 1 heaping tsp. per cup and steep 2-3 minutes in steaming water.


Decaffeinated Earl Grey Fancy OP

$ 8.00 USD

We think you'll love this new decaf Earl Grey, which has a lovely true Earl Grey flavor with a light base tea from the Burnside Estate in Nilgiri, India. Extremely smooth with a more flowery aroma than our other Decaffeinated Earl Grey. Use 1 tsp. per cup and brew 3-4 minutes in freshly boiled water.


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