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These items are being phased out, please send an email on availability to

These Potpourris are hand dyed, hand blended and hand scented. They are not only gorgeous for sitting around in a glass vessel or sachet, but they also smell fabulous. Instead of placing a large amount in one vessel, I recommend placing several bowls around in the same room. Change fragrances from room to room, so that each time you venture to a new place a fresh scent greets your nose.

Although I do follow a recipe, Mother Nature sometimes doesn't get the memo and she doesn't make things the exact same year after year. So from time to time there will be creative changes. Some Oils are only available at certain times of the year. Please call the Store for availability. 865-277-9063. Thanks!

Due to the high volume of sales around the Holidays, some Potpourris may be out of stock and shipment may be delayed. If this does happen, you will be notified via e-mail on its availability.

We have decided to discontinue this department. Please call for availability:


Lusious Lilacs

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Lilac


Honeysuckle Happiness

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Honeysuckle


Jasmine Jamboree

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Jasmine


Lavender Meadow

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Lavender Meadow


Tropical Summer

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Hawaiian Breeze


Rose Garden Dreams

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: English Rose Gardens


Harvest Bounty

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Harvest Spice


Island Vanilla

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Vanilla


Orchard Peach

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Peach


Summer Berry Blast

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Strawberry


Mango Magic

$ 5.00 USD

Oil- Mango


Mulberry Madness

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Mulberry



Orange N Spice Simmering

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Orange & Cloves


Pumpkin Spice

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Pumpkin Spice


Apple Cider

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Apple Cider


Woodland Trail

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Evergreen



$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Yuletide


Cinnamon Cin-sation

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Cinnamon


Ocean Sea Breeze

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Ocean Sea Breeze


Country Cotton

$ 5.00 USD

Oil: Country Cotton


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