Thistle Dew! Farms, Teas 'n Bees

These items have been phased out as of 2009. Send us an email to to see if we can help you before placing your order.

A  Poo Pourri makes a fabulous house warming gift. Great for a Realtor or a gift for someone who has everything.

A Poo pourri is decorative and functional. A tulle wrapped decorative floral etched glass saucer holds a practical roll of toilet paper. The tube has been filed with fragrant Potpourri, a necessity in any bathroom. Additional potpourri has been sprinkled around the base of the roll on the saucer offering a splash of color. Complete with bow, ready for gifting.

Poo Pourri - Country Cotton

$ 9.99 USD

This poo pourri is filled with the fresh scent of country cotton. Additional potpourri is sprinkled on the base saucer. Country Cotton potpourri has hints of blue adding just a splash of color.

Poo Pourri - Ocean Sea Breeze

$ 9.99 USD

This Poo Pourri is filled with blue Ocean Sea Breeze potpourri. Additional potpourri is sprinkled around the base saucer, giving just a flash of color. Complete with seashells.

Poo Pourri Custom order

$ 9.99 USD

A custom made Poo Pourri. Please visit our Potpourri page to choose your favorite scent. Be sure to add your potpourri choice to your order. Once confirmed we will be more than happy to prepare one just for you.

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